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Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Coin Offerings

We associate the blockchain with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The news focuses on the currency aspect, with its soap opera of volatility and scams, forgetting the more important underlying technology, the blockchain. Major banks, financial firms, exchanges and startups are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in projects promising a revolution in securities and payment processing efficiencies. Why are they doing so and are their expectations achievable? Managers need to get beyond the hype and understand what is the blockchain, its potential uses, operation and risks.

We start with understanding the underlying techniques in cryptography, hashing and digital signatures.  Next we explore how the blockchain works to create an immutable distributed ledger, its potential uses and risks. We will examine and compare the Bitcoin and Ethereum implementations, smart contracts and review current coin projects at JPMChase Quorum and Facebook Libra among others.  We look at several other proof on concept blockchain projects.

Blockchain Essentials is intended for managers in finance, accounting, compliance, IT, risk, legal, compliance and others who need to understand the technology and its potential. It requires no programming or mathematical expertise. Our objective is to provide the background to enable attendees to enter the discussion, understand the issues, benefits and pitfalls and make well-reasoned decisions.

Program level is basic. 7 CPE credits.

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