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Risk Management for Non-Quants

An Education in Risk Management Can Offer a Leg Up, according to a recent New York Times article. Among the most critical roles are positions related to  identifying and minimizing risk, as firms try to mitigate the possibility of another financial crisis. Risk encompasses a relatively broad focus with market, credit, liquidity and operational risk including technology related risk. Today nearly everyone in the financial services industry has risk management listed in their job description. Yet, when trying to grasp the concepts, many people are intimidated by the mathematics in most texts and risk courses.

This unique 2 day seminar covers the essential topics of risk management, requiring only basic high school math skills. If you need to understand risk reports, interact with risk managers or just want to broaden your expertise in a critical skill, this is the seminar. It is not aimed at financial engineers looking for hedging and trading strategies, but for those managers responsible for monitoring, measuring and controlling risks. It is a pragmatic course for practitioners who must deal with or are regulators, board members or senior management. 

Program level is intermediate. Knowledge of financial markets and instruments expected. 14 CPE credits.

Click here for the agenda.

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